Find the Right Ruckus ZoneFlex LAN Products

ZoneFlex is a family of wireless LAN products from Ruckus. These smart Wi-Fi solutions are built specifically for enterprises to help you give your customers access points and to reduce the cost of complex WLAN systems common in many office parks and other corporate environments. If you’re working on a large deployment or have an expansive office, this solution might be right for you.

ZoneFlex solutions are specifically crafted for groups of up to 1,500 employees. It can also be used to expand capabilities for hot zone operators who need next-gen business-grade support. A few of the more common applications of its technologies include airport, hospital, hotel, library and public space access points.

A variety of ZoneFlex products and parts reached their EOL date in 2018, but many still have years of success and life in them with the right maintenance and support. Worldwide Supply offers this support and a variety of new and used ZoneFlex offerings to help operators secure exactly what they need at a price they can afford.

New and Used ZoneFlex Access Points

The ZoneFlex line includes a variety of reliable, high-quality access points like the ZF2741. Worldwide Supply works with the brand as well as network operators like you to ensure a steady supply of leading access points and parts, allowing you to expand even in remote areas with a reliable, cost-effective solution.

All of the products below are backed by a lifetime warranty and can be further supported with our NetGuard maintenance solution that covers multiple OEMs and often extends beyond traditional EOL dates. Find your access point below and then contact us to learn more about protections and security.