Businesses from all ends of the industry spectrum use Winegard equipment. From government and transportation to marine, agriculture and more, many different businesses count on this brand for their Internet, television and radio services.

What if you could buy the Winegard products you need right now for a more affordable price? Worldwide Supply carries refurbished Winegard telecommunications merchandise for businesses looking to replace or upgrade equipment — and many of our offerings come at up to 80% off the original cost! Our priority is to provide customers with more reliable network connections, and Winegard helps us deliver in every aspect.

Choose Winegard Upgrades Today

At Worldwide Supply, our inventory contains technical equipment from hundreds of the industry’s top telecommunications OEMs. Winegard is a leading manufacturer of wireless Internet, satellite, Internet of Things, radio antenna and cellular products, so we strive to provide the best that they have to offer.

Our highly skilled and experienced team works hard to refurbish each piece of Winegard equipment we receive. We live by our standards of excellence, so you can expect your Winegard product to offer like-new quality and performance when you receive it. Whether your business’s network is currently in transition or you’re looking to replace a product, we’ll help you find the ultimate solution.

Work With Worldwide Supply for All Your Telecom Needs

We stand by the quality and integrity of our products, but more importantly, we stand by our partners. Our used Winegard products are backed by:

  • A standard lifetime warranty
  • An innovative testing center
  • 24×7 remote technical support
  • Our inventory of spare parts
  • Ongoing preventive maintenance

We also do more than provide equipment and maintenance services. If you have any old Winegard products you’d like to sell, we’d be happy to trade them for cash or an upgrade to the latest technology.

Improve Efficiency With Used Winegard Equipment Today

We can provide you with an economical solution that will ensure the optimal performance of your system. Request a quote for one of our Winegard products today or contact us to learn more.