Wilmore Electronics Co., Inc. is an expert manufacturer and provider of power supplies, DC-DC converters and DC-AC inverters. Since its origins in 1963, Wilmore has developed a strong reputation for product quality, engineering craftsmanship and longevity.

As a carrier of the telecom industry’s top OEM technology solutions, Worldwide Supply offers multiple pieces of refurbished Wilmore technology from some of the manufacturer’s most reputable product lines. Every product we refurbish goes through a detailed testing process to ensure it meets like-new standards of quality.

Refurbished Wilmore Technology

Worldwide Supply carries multiple new and used Wilmore products. Some of our high-performance electrical equipment options include:

  • DC-AC Inverter: The 1652-24-120-60-U DC-AC inverter model is built for both energy efficiency and operational efficiency. It has a rack-mount design and convection cooling capabilities along with multiple input voltages for increased versatility. If you’re looking for a compact, cost-effective piece of equipment that can quickly change direct current energy to alternating current, this is the Wilmore product for you.
  • Power Shelf: This refurbished Wilmore power shelf will support all your power and system management needs. If you operate a high-demand network system, consider using one of these rackmount systems to better control your power supply components. These are easy to use and install, which will save you time and help streamline operations. 

Why Choose Worldwide Supply for Your Telecom Needs?

At Worldwide Supply, we keep your Wilmore purchases cost-effective by providing major discounts and offering long-term maintenance and support programs. We know businesses work with all different types of communication systems, which is why we have solutions designed to both maintain and foster growth in telecom systems. Our refurbished Wilmore products are covered by a lifetime warranty, while our TL9000 certification authorizes us to work with equipment from hundreds of different OEMs. 

Whether you’re looking for a place to sell old Wilmore equipment or a third-party company that can provide affordable professional support, we have opportunities and programs available to you.

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