Western Digital

Leading Western Digital Equipment Right for Your Network

Western Digital is a well-known global provider of hard drives and other data storage solutions for small sites, individual machines, data centers and cloud storage systems. You’ve likely seen Western Digital’s products listed as “WDC” or “WD” as well, especially on its integrated circuits.

The company was founded in 1970, though it has made significant noise in recent years. In 2010, it shipped the first 3-terabyte hard drive, which started an acquisition spree that led the company to become the largest traditional hard drive maker in the world. More recently, the company has sold off some chip units while increasing its focus on cloud and digital storage, including app syncing services.

Worldwide Supply has chosen to start with a few critical Western Digital hard drives that are purpose-built for high capacity as well as resilience. As the brand continues to create greater solutions for the telecom industry, we’ll work with you to supply what you need.

New and Used Western Digital Drives

Worldwide Supply offers both new hard drives as well as some refurbished Western Digital hardware. This allows you to get the right solution for your network and budget. Our refurbished drives can come at a savings of up to 80% off original OEM pricing and are thoroughly vetted before they head out of the door.

Using a state-of-the-art testing facility, we ensure all used goods we sell are reliable and meet original OEM quality. Every product we sell is tested and backed with a lifetime warranty, so your network is in steady hands for your refurbished Western Digital or other OEM purchase.