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Westell Technologies is an Illinois provider of high-performance network equipment and infrastructure support with a focus on edge performance. The company says its efforts focus primarily on reducing operating expenses and making it easier to deploy solutions such as in-building wireless networks, intelligent site management and broad-scale communication network solutions.

Westell is a TL9000-certified company, and it was founded back in 1980 building telephone signaling and transmission equipment. The company maintains the certification, though it began outsourcing some of its manufacturing back in 2007.

Buy New and Used Westell Solutions

Worldwide Supply offers access to leading Westell Technologies solutions and products across its multiple operational divisions. We stock a variety of its solutions and components, from complete access to its Optima Management System as well as cabinets, modular power supplies, shelves and more. You can also secure remote monitoring and hardware management capabilities.

Improve your network and get the gear you need at a price you can afford by working with us to secure refurbished Westell equipment. We take used pieces — which you may be able to sell to us as you grow your network — and repair them in our in-house lab and then review them before selling back to you at a discount of up to 80% off original OEM prices.

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