Legacy Refurbished Wescom Solutions

Wescom was a leading provider of telephony equipment in the 1960s and 70s, though its developments and early technology live on under different brands. The company initially was split between Wescom Switching and Wescom Inc., which provided different networking solutions.

Worldwide Supply provides access to used Wescom private branch exchanges and dial pulse originating channel units as well as terminal repeaters. You’ve likely come across these in your work under a variety of names, including Rockwell International. Rockwell purchased Wescom in 1980 and built out a large business using the 580-line of PBXs.

The Wescom name passed to Ditran and then Digital Transmission Inc., where it was adapted for a variety of public safety and 911 services. The company’s technology is still present in automatic call distributors and MACD equipment, though newer voice systems are slowly eroding places where used Wescom technology and patents are used.

Save on Wescom With Worldwide Supply

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of legacy, used Wescom networking solutions and telephony options for businesses of all sizes. Though many items have reached their EOS and EOL dates, we provide continual maintenance, repair, replacement and refurbishing options for the technology you need.

Every piece of equipment sold by Worldwide Supply is thoroughly tested and reviewed to ensure it has been returned to meet OEM standards for the original. We back all sales with a lifetime warranty and can help you secure future support with a robust maintenance package.

Get started with our selection below. Or, if you’ve outgrown your used Wescom equipment, contact us to discuss the potential to sell it to Worldwide Supply.