Buy and Sell Used WECO Connectors

WECO has been creating a variety of electrical installation tools and equipment since it was founded in Germany in 1921. The company started with jacket clamps and grew into being the first to use thermoplastics for coupling and splicing services. Today, the brand has expanded to a wide range of couplers, terminal blocks for PCBs, electronic modules, terminal strips, tab and solder connectors, ceramic terminals and much more.

Worldwide Supply works with WECO’s facilities located across the planet, including its current Canadian headquarters that specializes in industrial and network control solutions.

Choosing Refurbished WECO Gear From Worldwide Supply

Our mission is to bring connectors, tools and platforms from leading OEMs such as WECO to your network at the most affordable rate available. To serve you better, we take in and provide a variety of new and refurbished WECO equipment to improve your network. All parts and components we purchase are fully reviewed and tested, with engineers bringing them back up to original OEM standards.

All of the new and refurbished networking equipment we supply is covered by a lifetime warranty and backed by 24/7 service to support your network vigor and growth. Ask us about comprehensive repair and parts management services as well as full network equipment coverage that puts all your network maintenance under a single contract, covering dozens of OEMs and hundreds of product families.

Find what you need in our list of used WECO equipment below or contact us directly to learn more about our catalog and maintenance programs available in your area.