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Used and Refurbished WeatherStar Systems

When The Weather Channel used an analog feed to broadcast its forecast statements, WeatherStar systems received, generated and inserted local weather information into the channel’s programming. Weather Channel affiliates installed these units at their headends to customize broadcasts for viewers in the area.

At Worldwide Supply, we sell legacy WeatherStar equipment for commercial applications. Our used WeatherStar systems go through extensive testing and refurbishing before we add them to our online inventory.

How WeatherStar Systems Worked

With WeatherStar technology, television stations could televise The Weather Channel’s national broadcast while customizing the Local on the 8s forecast for their regions. It took the following elements for a WeatherStar to insert local information:

  • Primary uplink: The Weather Channel transmitted its national programming from its uplink in Atlanta, Georgia, to its affiliates across the country. Alongside the national programming, the uplink delivered network control commands and National Weather Service data for thousands of zones.
  • On-site WeatherStar equipment: At an affiliate’s premises, WeatherStar equipment operated between the satellite receiver system and the channel modulator. It captured the data for the affiliate’s weather zone and inserted it into the national broadcast display.
  • Local crawl messages: To complement the local broadcast, the affiliate could enter crawl messages using the WeatherStar keyboard or RS-232 port.

Asset Recovery Services for Used WeatherStar Equipment

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