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Wavetek produces test equipment for electronic devices used in device manufacturing, engineering and computer network infrastructure. Their specialties include oscilloscopes, voltmeters, signal generators, function generators and service monitors.

In the telecommunications industry, Wavetek made a name for itself with the Signal Analysis Meter (SAM) in 1980. This cable TV test meter offered unparalleled accuracy and evolved to meet the industry’s needs with every new model. Throughout the years, the SAM expanded its cable TV testing capabilities to digital and fiber optic analysis.

At Worldwide Supply, we sell dependable instruments like the SAM as part of our Wavetek inventory. Choose from new and refurbished equipment at various price points.

New and Used Wavetek Products for Telecommunications

Our selection of Wavetek instruments depends on what we receive from our partners and may include products for:

  • Fiber optics testing: Wavetek produces a full range of instruments for fiber optic network testing, including optical power meters and light sources. These tools detect fiber fault locations and determine the specifications of a fiber optic connection.
  • Communication and network testing: As part of their fiber optics testing range, Wavetek manufactures optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) for network testing. An OTDR creates a trace of a fiber optic cable that expresses splice loss, cable length and fault presence.
  • Function generation: Function generators create voltage patterns at various amplitudes and frequencies. The user can produce signals with a function generator to test circuit response.
  • Electric power measurement: Multimeters from Wavetek’s partner company, Meterman, perform multiple measurement functions for electric power. They read voltage, current and resistance.

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When you get Wavetek equipment from Worldwide Supply, you’ll get the benefits of:

  • Standard lifetime warranty on OEM equipment and parts.
  • Extensive testing and refurbishing on all used products.
  • Asset recovery and consignment services for infrastructure performance optimization.
  • Hundreds of products in stock for fast shipping.
  • One-on-one technical support from our experts.

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