Wave Optics

Choose Wave Optics for Advanced Network Growth

Wave Optics was a manufacturer of fiber optic components and packaging products such as polarization assemblies, couplers, attenuators, collimators and precision silicon V-groove fiber arrays. The company was acquired in 2001 by Flextronics International, which has since changed its name to Flex. Multiple lines and product options have come out under the Wave Optics name, and Worldwide Supply offers a variety of such equipment packages.

New products do not bear the same Wave Optics name, and a new Wave Optics company has emerged, selling diffractive waveguides for augmented reality wearables and applications. The two Wave Optics brandings appear to have no connection.

New and Used Wave Optics Classic Components

Wave Optics provided leading-quality equipment for decades, much of which is still running and has plenty of years left. Worldwide Supply offers a full line of refurbished Wave Optics models as well as some new units with limited availability. Each has been tested and reviewed to ensure reliability that meets original OEM standards.

By choosing one of our refurbished Wave Optics solutions, you can save up to 80% off original OEM pricing while still getting the quality media converters, chassis, couplers and other gear that you need. We offer a lifetime warranty on each product and back almost everything with coverage under our NetGuard maintenance solution designed to simplify your network maintenance, repairs and spares acquisition.

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