With Universal telecommunications equipment, you can meet all your business’s wired and wireless network needs. Universal offers the latest in voice and data technology, and it’s Worldwide Supply’s priority to deliver it at a competitive quality and price. Our inventory of Universal products will help increase the efficiency and strength of your network.

Refurbished Universal equipment will allow you to take better control of your network and increase system productivity. If you’re having trouble finding the right product, we’ll be glad to answer all your questions.

Enhance Your Systems With Used Universal Equipment

At Worldwide Supply, we help businesses across a wide range of industries integrate top-quality OEM equipment with their network and technical systems. Universal products are special because of their ease of use and excellent performance in commercial and industrial settings. We work to deliver long-lasting refurbished Universal solutions you can trust with your most complex operations.

For example, we offer the Universal MRF-260 Router, which is designed to convert RF signals into IR signals. This product will allow you to create more reliable connections in your network while decreasing the risks of radio frequency interference. The MRF-260 has four IR outputs and is ideal for fostering network and business growth.

With equipment from Universal, you can enhance your business’s functionality and pave the way for future success. This manufacturer offers technology and networking power that will allow you to compete with some of the industry’s best.

What Can Worldwide Supply Do for You?

Order a refurbished Universal product from Worldwide Supply today, and we’ll support you through the installation and maintenance processes. You can ensure the product will be a good investment thanks to our:

  • Standard lifetime warranty
  • 24×7 remote technical support
  • Spare parts and repair services

Worldwide Supply offers OEM equipment for up to 80% off the original price. Our solutions are fast and affordable, which makes them economical options for your business. We even have “Sell Equipment” programs available so you can receive cash for old Universal products you have on-premises.

If you’re interested in selling or trading Universal equipment, you can contact us at any time for more information. Browse our product pages today to find the right piece of refurbished equipment for your business.