Universal Remote Control

Leading Routers From Universal Remote Control

The Universal Remote Control company is a global brand providing a wide range of automation and control systems for both your residential and commercial customers. URC has sold more than 100 million remotes and control tools in the past 10 years, the company says.

Universal was founded in 1991 and began by providing remote controls to broadcast and pay-TV providers. It branched out into consumer electronics and STBs, followed by home automation technologies. The company delved into the IoT world in 2016 with a new whole-home control unit that works with consumer applications as well as services from carriers and other providers.

Worldwide Supply is expanding our catalog to include new Universal equipment, including the MRF-260. This model is called both a router and a base station, depending on the company spec sheet, partners and maintenance programs.

New and Used Universal MRF-260s

Universal is a top name in control solutions, expanding to its router and base station units. Our first introduction is the MRF-260 RF to IR base station that relies on narrowband RF and minimizes RFI effects. Its integrated RF receiver and antenna ensure reliability and allow multiple units to be placed within a residence or MDU with minimal interference.

The units come with fixed and variable IR outputs as well as rear IR inputs. Each supported remote is addressable, allowing for up to 15 equipment locations with identical components.

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