In an increasingly digitized age, wireless networks have become an invaluable form of technology for operators and businesses. Worldwide Supply carries a diverse selection of wireless technology and solutions, which are capable of meeting the needs of many different systems and industries. 

Included in this extensive inventory is a group of new and refurbished Ubiquiti Networks equipment from some of the company’s well-known product lines. Ubiquiti is renowned throughout the telecom industry for its wireless Internet and routing solutions, and we offer both older and newer technology developed by the company. If you’re looking for an affordable source of Ubiquiti equipment or a product that will help increase the efficiency of applications on your wireless network, this could be the opportunity you need.

New and Used Ubiquiti Options From Worldwide Supply

Enterprise and broadband networks have constantly shifting demands, so you’ll need powerful system components to keep yours up to date. New and used Ubiquiti equipment from Worldwide Supply includes some of the company’s PowerBridges, Power over Ethernet injectors and more. These are well-suited for delivering power and enhancing the functionality of your system. In addition, we offer Ubiquiti Nano Stations, which function as point-to-point wireless bridges that support high-speed transmission between multiple networks. 

Our refurbished Ubiquiti products provide the cost-effective performance and stability you need to keep your network functioning at its best, even in the wake of significant changes within the industry. Priced at up to 80% off and inspected in a state-of-the-art testing facility, these pieces of equipment will deliver superior quality while keeping you in line with your budget.

We’ll support your Ubiquiti wireless network with our next business day delivery opportunities, technical support and repair service options. Contact us now to learn about how you can receive cash for used Ubiquiti products you have on location.

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Worldwide Supply’s new and used Ubiquiti wireless networking equipment will maximize the longevity and strength of your system. Browse through our selection to find the product you’re looking for or request a quote today for pricing details.