Find Support for EOL, Discontinued and Used TTC Networking Equipment

TTC is a provider of top-line networking testing and service equipment, like its Centest 650 system that provides multiple, simultaneous tests from a single equipment shelf for DS0, DS1 and DS3 rates. Many of its more prominent gear has reached its end-of-support or EOL dates, but Worldwide Supply is happy to provide support for these discontinued options if they’re the right fit for your network.

Today, TTC is a Curtiss-Wright company and focuses on COTS hardware and software miniaturization products in the defense and aerospace industries. That push has moved it away from some of its network offerings for new advancement, though the company still provides a variety of network switches, data servers, video recorders, transceivers, data acquisition units and gateways.

Leading tools and refurbished TTC units from Worldwide Supply focus on assisting you to transport measurements from buses, sensors and instruments to then collect them and deliver to a variety of systems off the network or outside of specified equipment.

Your Partner No Matter What Happens

Used TTC networking products can make a significant impact in today’s deployments, even as those devices move into EOS dates. We think there’s still plenty of time to make the most of each purchase and have it be a fiscally smart decision.

Part of our primary focus is to support you in those decisions. We empower operators and carriers to choose the solution they need without risk when equipment brands or companies change hands. Our repair, maintenance, sales and support will be here to work on your gear, regardless of where the winds take the brand who initially created it. Plus, we offer significant savings compared to OEM purchase prices and maintenance packages.