New and Used TSI Equipment

Telecommunication Services Inc. is a communications network deployment and management company that offers a range of equipment and services to help manage private lines, VPNs, managed network services and co-location support. Worldwide Supply stocks some TSI equipment designed to help you improve your operations and better control your network. When you need to grow, browse the selection below to find what fits right for you.

Save With Refurbished Solutions

We provide refurbished TSI and other OEM equipment designed to protect your budget while allowing you to expand as needed. Everything we sell is reviewed and fully tested with our in-house experts and testing facilities. We put all gear through the paces to ensure quality and reliability.

Every product you buy from Worldwide Supply is backed by a lifetime warranty. That way, even if you buy refurbished at up to 80% off original OEM pricing, you are getting a top-quality deal with leading products.

Maintenance and More

NetGuard maintenance from Worldwide Supply is designed to simplify your maintenance needs and contracts while improving protections for your network.

We offer a comprehensive protection package that covers dozens of OEMs and product lines, such as the refurbished TSI equipment below. Everything is covered under a single contract so you only have to work with one partner for parts, repairs, maintenance and more. We ship quickly to almost every major city on the planet and reach our customers in hours, not weeks.┬áIt’s the right solution to increase savings.

Start with a used TSI choice below and then contact us to learn how Worldwide Supply can grow your savings.