New and Used TRENDnet Equipment

TRENDnet is a U.S.-based manufacturer of computer networking equipment and surveillance products designed for the home-user and SMB markets. The company was founded in 1990 and has grown steadily since. Despite some prior setbacks with software security, it recently upgraded its capabilities to deliver data and video via 4K UHD PoE surveillance cameras with covert IR LEDs.

The company received its ISO9001:2015 quality management certification.

TRENDnet Switches From Worldwide Supply

Worldwide Supply provides access to high-quality new and used switches from TRENDnet. These options include baseline home units, dual-band wireless routers, coax network adapters, advanced Fast Ethernet options, unmanaged units and scaling solutions that support up to 48 ports for Gigabit connections.

Browse the selection below to find new and used TRENDnet options to meet your network’s growth or maintenance needs. Modules support the latest technologies and deployments to ensure you and your customers can manage devices as needed. Built-in integration flexibility ensures your network can operate at its best as it grows and changes.

MDUs, advanced customers needing multiple VLANs, and power-sensitive customers can all be served thanks to our TRENDnet options.

You can get that power and more at a significant cost savings by choosing one of the refurbished TRENDnet units offered. These deliver a price reduction of up to 80% off original OEM pricing. Each is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets initial quality demands with a lifetime warranty backing.

Find the perfect solution for your business with the new and refurbished TRENDnet selection below.