Buy New and Refurbished TMC Telecom Equipment Online

TMC Corporation’s landline telephone products offer versatile communications solutions for small businesses. Their systems have large-scale features that were previously only available in more expensive solutions.

Depending on our available inventory, our selection of TMC landline systems can feature products from the EPIC and VMAIL series. We offer new and refurbished options that deliver the performance your organization needs.

The EPIC Landline System

We sell phones and modules from TMC’s EPIC System, which is designed to deliver the following features in an affordable package:

  • Multiple lines and stations: The EPIC System can accommodate up to four phone lines and 16 extensions, making it an ideal choice for small businesses in need of a phone system.
  • Plug-and-play setup: When installing an EPIC phone, you only need to plug it into your jacks and outlets — no extra wiring or central controller units required.
  • Robust intercom capabilities: Call another extension in the EPIC System over the phone or hands-free.
  • Two types of phones: Choose from an EPIC phone with or without built-in voicemail and auto attendant features. You can use both models in the same system based on your budget and needs.
  • Add-on modules: EPIC external feature modules allow you to expand your system’s capabilities for more effective communication. These accessories can add hold music, a door intercom speaker, external paging or cordless phones to your setup.

VMAIL Speakerphone Series

When you need a simple phone solution for your small business, consider a VMAIL speakerphone from TMC. With a VMAIL phone, you can add these capabilities to a provider-based telephone system:

  • Voicemail system with visual indicator and navigation buttons
  • Network services button and DSL filter
  • Caller ID list that holds up to 99 names and numbers
  • Personal directory for up to 80 names and numbers
  • Input jacks for headset, data/fax and music on hold

Get New and Used TMC Telephone Systems Online

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