Browse New and Used Tii Connection Products

Tii has spent more than 50 years developing a variety of communication solutions for service providers of all sizes. The company initially worked on surge protectors and lightning security devices. As it expanded and DSL took off, the company began to produce interface devices, VoIP solutions, data distribution products, fiber optic equipment and DSL filters.

Today, Tii specializes in fiber and copper solutions around wiring, enclosures, building entrance terminals and more. As the industry changed, so has Tii. Most recently, the company has expanded into FTTX products designed to reduce maintenance needs thanks to rugged designs and weather-resistant engineering. Worldwide Supply carries a variety of these new and used Tii options to help your network at any stage of growth.

Refurbished Tii Solutions for Growth

You can use the product buttons below to learn more about Tii offerings from Worldwide Supply. Our initial catalog includes rocker IDC bridges, power modules with alarm support, splitters and stadium seating IDC bridges. Our experts review each solution to ensure reliability for networks of your size.

To help you save on these parts, we offer refurbished Tii packages. Each component is tested, repaired and re-tested, so its quality is assured. Like all the other products we sell, a lifetime warranty protects each refurbished and used unit. This allows you to save up to 80% off original OEM pricing while not skimping on quality.

Start your savings journey with the new and used Tii products below, and then contact us to learn more about your ability to save on warranties, maintenance, repairs and more.