Choose the Best New and Used Teradyne Equipment for Your Network

Few companies in our industry are as prepared for the robotic process automation and other AI-driven solutions as Teradyne. The company has created network testing equipment since the 1960s and recently began pushing into robotic and automated solutions that can determine the health of a network or system in mere moments.

Worldwide Supply relies on Teradyne for high-throughput testing platforms used when our partners perform their own manufacturing, even at high-volume levels. Its wireless test capabilities cover every cellular standard as well as a variety of different connectivity standards common in wireless deployments.

Keep your equipment and applications healthy with the right testing paradigm from Teradyne.

Safely Procure Refurbished Teradyne Gear

At Worldwide Supply, we offer a variety of solutions you can use to understand the health of your network and the equipment you use or create. Refurbished Teradyne equipment is one such option that gives you a reasonably priced way to test semiconductor wafers, prototypes, materials in the build process and those final products you’re ready to roll out into the field.

Choosing a used Teradyne testing option not only gives you an affordable and reliable solution, but it’s one that should stay supported for some time. The company is nearly 60 years old and has been on a buying spree with recent acquisitions of LitePoint and Universal Robots. As networks move to more significant uses of robotics and automation technologies, Teradyne will likely be a key partner.

Prepare yourself and future-proof your operations today with refurbished Teradyne offerings from Worldwide Supply.