New and Refurbished Tektronix Test and Measurement Instruments

Founded in 1946 as Tekrad, Tektronix develops test and measurement equipment for businesses in power, manufacturing, communications and other industries that need to measure signals, waveforms, spectra and currents. They aim to deliver innovative test and measurement technology in a user-friendly format.

You can find legacy and current-generation Tektronix equipment at Worldwide Supply. We offer a full range of new and refurbished products to meet your budgetary and technical needs.

Types of New and Used Tektronix Equipment Produced

Since we get our products from a variety of sources, our selection of Tektronix hardware varies. Potential instruments for sale include:

  • Oscilloscopes: An oscilloscope measures an electronic signal as a graph based on values such as time, voltage and frequency. The original Tekrad company specialized in these instruments and expanded to offer similar equipment.
  • Signal, spectrum and modulation analyzers: Tektronix analyzers read frequencies, electronic power levels, optical modulation, radio frequency spectra and other kinds of signals and waves.
  • Signal generators: You can use a Tektronix signal generator to test electronics or transmit signals. Some types of signal generators replicate signals for debugging purposes, while others create signals for communication.
  • Parts and accessories: Tektronix probes and accessories enable you to use your test and measurement equipment in your application. Most accessories from Tektronix are probes that connect a signal source to an oscilloscope’s input.

Industries That Use Tektronix Technology

Engineers that test and develop electronics, communication systems and materials depend on Tektronix instruments to improve their designs. This equipment enables users to test and measure technology in industries such as:

  • Wired and digital communications.
  • Wireless and radio frequency technology.
  • Networking systems.
  • Material science.
  • 3D sensing technology development.
  • Aerospace, government and defense.
  • Electronics, appliances and computer manufacturing.
  • Industrial automation.

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