Tekelec Solutions

Used and Refurbished Tekelec Products

Used Tekelec STP — or signal transfer point — routers are a cost-effective way of relaying SS7 messages between signaling transfer points as well as signaling end points — or SEPs. In addition, refurbished Tekelec solutions offer service providers an affordable way of addressing the sharp increases in data traffic and network signaling due to the rise of mobile applications, smart devices and connected services.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art testing facility and team of certified engineers, Worldwide Supply is the perfect one-stop source of used Tekelec solutions that enable service providers to meet their ever-expanding network demands while simultaneously monetizing cloud and add-on services.

Advantages of Used Tekelec Products

With used Tekelec technology, service providers can better control, deliver and monetize services related to personalized communications. Tekelec’s success in this space didn’t go unnoticed, and in 2013, Oracle acquired Tekelec for its industry-leading approach to providing network signaling, subscriber data management and policy control solutions to the communications sector.

Further advantages of choosing used Tekelec solutions include:

  • Popularity in the industry: Tekelec solutions are currently in use by well over 300 service providers across more than 100 countries.
  • Promising future plans: To better support the allocation of network resources and the monetizing of personalized communication services for service providers, Oracle intends to make Tekelec technology a major part of its Oracle Communications portfolio.
  • Services of an Oracle Gold Partner: As an Oracle Gold Partner, Worldwide Supply will continue to be your trusted source for all used and refurbished Tekelec products.

Worldwide Supply Offers Affordable Access to Tekelec Equipment

At Worldwide Supply, we stock over $250 million worth of new excess, refurbished and used products ready for immediate delivery — including Tekelec routers and related products. To learn more about how we can save your company money while delivering cutting-edge products, request a quote, or call us directly at 888.328.2266.