TDLTEK Lighting Solutions of Network Sites

TDLTEK is a brand that works on lighting solutions under both TDLTEK and Lingsor branding. It’s relatively small and new, with a focus on floodlights, neon electroluminescent wire and submersible lighting, alongside other items such as iPad and iPhone cases. The mix focuses predominantly on lighting in a variety of outdoor situations where you need things like waterproofing and alternative lighting.

The company has a commitment to reducing lighting costs, which is part of the reason why we began stocking its outdoor floodlight solutions. Multiple options for configuration and deployment ensure you can find the right option for your business.

New and Used TDLTEK Floodlights

Worldwide Supply offers TDLTEK 50W floodlights designed to integrate into outdoor security systems with multiple colors and output options. The systems use AC85v-265v, so there is little heat produced and they can be safely put near a variety of networking equipment.

Choose between new and used TDLTEK lighting for the reliability you demand. Refurbished options provide the same quality and are backed by a Worldwide Supply lifetime warranty. It’s a simple way to save up to 80% off original OEM pricing, and this availability extends to most product lines that we carry.

Save More With Smarter Maintenance

Worldwide Supply also offers a comprehensive NetGuard maintenance package covering used TDLTEK lighting as well as hundreds of other product families from many OEMs. You get a single contract that covers your networking equipment, meaning there’s just one partner and one phone call in the event you need support. Our technical experts are available 24×7 and they make it a smart move no matter if you’re buying one or 100 used TDLTEK lighting solutions.