New and Refurbished Astrodyne TDI Power Supplies and Systems

In 2014, Astrodyne Corporation acquired TDI Power, forming Astrodyne TDI. Both of these suppliers had a long pedigree in the power industry, with TDI’s history going back to 1960 and Astrodyne operating since 1994. Today, Astrodyne TDI offers power supplies and EMI filters for industrial, medical, semiconductor fabrication, military and aerospace applications.

Our selection of Astrodyne TDI products includes equipment branded under Astrodyne TDI and TDI Power. We offer modern and legacy products to help you balance your budget and specifications.

Specializing in Power Supplies and EMI Filters

Astrodyne TDI produces two categories of equipment for demanding applications:

  • Power supplies: Power supplies from Astrodyne TDI provide power to an electrical load and convert power forms. Their equipment can generate anywhere from 1 watt to more than 1,000 kilowatts. Astrodyne TDI also produces converters for many currents, including AC/DC, DC/DC and PFC.
  • EMI filters: Astrodyne TDI features three EMI filter brands — Radius Power, LCR Electronics and Filter Concepts. EMI filters suppress electromagnetic noise and emissions in high-power applications for regulation compliance. The EMI filters available from Astrodyne TDI have current ratings ranging from 1 amp to 2,500 amps.

Advantages of Astrodyne TDI Equipment

In the power supply industry, Astrodyne TDI products deliver these benefits:

  • History of excellence: Astrodyne TDI has more than half a century of history in the power supply market. This manufacturer brings trusted brands together under one name to provide a full range of power equipment.
  • Engineered to high standards: Astrodyne TDI’s facilities have ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications for product quality and consistency. All of their products meet or exceed global EMI and safety specifications.
  • Wide selection of equipment across industries: The broad range of power generation and current ratings available in Astrodyne TDI products enables you to use them in various applications and markets.

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