Consider Our Used Symmetricom Networking Equipment

Symmetricom, now owned by Microsemi, is a manufacturer that focuses on timekeeping technology to ensure precise synchronization on GPS services, PTP, NTP, Ethernet and DOCSIS. All of the technologies you use are better timed by Symmetricom. Plus, it’s one of the only two commercial suppliers of cesium atomic standards and clocks.

Symmetricom’s technology is so precise that it is used to calculate more than 90 percent of Coordinated Universal Time, the world’s time standard.

Refurbished Symmetricom for Small Cells and More

Symmetricom offers edge boundary clocks designed to support mobile backhaul networks, macro base stations and small cell locations so that you can best run your 4G and LTE networks. Keep every bit of data on-time and delivered properly to avoid the “jitter variation” common in many high-packet environments.

Used Symmetricom NTP time services can keep your systems accurate and reliable across enterprise-grade IT and telecom networks. Manage and monitor time synchronization with ease through any workstation, server or router to maximize your QoE.

Worldwide Supply wants to be your time-keeping partner by providing you access to some of the most robust synchronization products at the lowest prices. By giving you access to refurbished and used Symmetricom devices, we’ll ensure you are able to optimize your network and maximize your spending each time.

Build an On-Time Network

With refurbished Symmetricom PTP solutions, NTP servers, management systems and more, you can make your network more robust and reliable. Synchronize, scale and grow with the right gear today.

Review your options and more with our Symmetricom equipment below: