Sun Microsystems

Buy New and Used Sun Microsystems Equipment

Sun Microsystems is a familiar name to any veteran networking professional, but some of the newer folks on the job might not know what they’re looking at when seeing the familiar Sun diamond on some equipment. Sun made a wide range of components for networking equipment, PCs, computer components and lots of software to run it all. You could be working with its servers and workstations or storage systems and ID management tools.

We know exactly how it feels, and miss the days when top-tier telecom control systems like Operational Support Systems was purely a Sun play.

Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010 and has since integrated Sun’s technology, patents and software into new Oracle hardware. Some of your favorite systems and new gear from Oracle were built when it used Sun Microsystems technologies. However, we still stock plenty of used Sun Microsystems equipment.

Win With the Sun Fire

Chief in our supply of refurbished Sun Microsystems equipment is the Sun Fire X4600 server. These are AMD powerhouses with a four-rack chassis and support for up to eight CPUs. They’re dynamic and powerful and still working in a variety of network deployments today.

Worldwide Supply completely renews all our used Sun Microsystem purchases, including these servers, to make sure they’re as close to like-new as possible. Our technicians have years of expertise with Sun Microsystems equipment and can bring it all back up to speed while also properly testing it in the real-world situations you can expect.

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