Studio Assets

Capture the Job Site With Studio Assets Help

Studio Assets is a leading provider of top-quality tools designed for photographers and cinematographers as they capture imagery and video in rugged and remote locations. The company builds its tools and equipment out of materials including high-strength aircraft aluminum and magnesium alloy, ensuring they can withstand your rough environments.

At first glance, it may seem odd to see camera studio equipment available from Worldwide Supply. However, we carefully selected new and used Studio Assets equipment because of their support for a wide range of cameras and recording equipment our network customers already use. The brand provides durable, reliable options that you can bring to each site as you document installs, errors, damage and much more.

Get the reliability you need from a camera mount or tripod when it matters most.

New and Refurbished Studio Assets Equipment

Worldwide Supply offers the MegaMast 27.5′ camera stand from Studio Assets (STSA1240), which supports full-frame DSLRs that are now common when your techs need to fully photograph and document the state of any location. Available rigging can also protect it from windy conditions, keeping things steady as you move about and get the shots you need.

Pick up a used Studio Assets option to save significantly off original OEM pricing while also getting top quality. Every refurbished product we offer has been fully tested in real-world situations by our in-house experts and lab. We’ll verify that it’s ready and safe for your team to use and we back it with a lifetime warranty.

Grab your MegaMast below and then gear up with everything else your techs need from Worldwide Supply.