Stewart Connector Modular Plugs for Sale

Worldwide Supply is your one-stop-shop for networking equipment including modular plug solutions. We offer a Stewart Connector option with an RJ45 modular plug that’s applicable for most deployments. It works with shielded CAT5 and unshielded CAT6a plugs. Options include solid and stranded conductors with at least eight positions.

Stewart Connector is a part of Bel. Bel designs and manufacturers a set of power, circuit and connector options. It’s been in operation for more than 65 years and has a long record of innovation in the fuse-circuit, magnetic, power and connector sectors.

Buy or Sell Used Stewart Equipment

Save on your Stewart Connector choice when you pick up a new or used option from Worldwide Supply. We work to provide the most affordable rates, with refurbished Stewart options that can save you up to 80% off original OEM pricing when they’re available. Each pack we receive is tested to see if it is appropriate for resale. Our engineers ensure reliability and then back it with a lifetime warranty. So, you can save without having to worry about quality.

If you have used Stewart options in good condition, reach out to see about selling it to Worldwide Supply. We’ll work with you on a firm offer based on quality and availability.

Worldwide Supply Maintenance Protection

Worldwide Supply offers a NetGuard maintenance protection program that can extend to solutions like your new Stewart modular plugs. You have one contract and one point of contact for support on equipment from dozens of OEMs. It simplifies your operations and keeps you running smoothly.