Network Testing Solutions From Spirent Communications

Spirent Communications is a major multinational telecommunications company based out of the UK. Founded in 1936, the brand has changed its name and focus many times over the years. Its electronics operations came out of the early internet boom with internal development as well as a spate of acquisitions.

Most of the network equipment and testing options come from a combination of its internal efforts and the 2014 purchases of Radvision’s Technology Business Unit. It expanded into mobile device management and network testing by purchasing Mobilethink A/S in the same year.

Spirent Highspeed Network Testing

Worldwide Supply gives you access to a broad spectrum of testing equipment from Spirent. Choose from controllers and media cards, chassis, telephony signaling and traffic generators, and complex subsystems. You can discover the right option for service assurance, cloud infrastructure validation, networking and speed tests plus overall network health management.

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All items we sell, including new and used Spirent testing solutions, are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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