Spectrum Controls

New and Refurbished Equipment From Spectrum Controls

Founded in 1987, Spectrum Controls develops software and hardware for industrial controls. You can find their networking equipment in manufacturing, power, mining and other industries that utilize programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Spectrum Controls became one of the first Encompass partners in 1991, gaining the capability to develop products compatible with Rockwell Automation. Today, they continue to make controls that streamline industrial facilities and promote innovation in automation.

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Solutions From Spectrum Controls

Spectrum Controls creates a full range of input/output (I/O) modules designed to improve system capabilities and optimize costs. With automation technology always expanding, Spectrum Controls aims to boost companies’ I/O capabilities while enabling their technologies to work together seamlessly. Their industrial controls solutions include:

  • Analog card designs for mixing different signal types.
  • High-density I/O modules available to help you maximize rack capacity.
  • Gateways that enable communication among multiple system brands.
  • Universal gateways for data transmission across many protocol types, including Ethernet and serial protocols.

Why Buy Telecom Controls From Worldwide Supply?

At Worldwide Supply, we strive to become every customer’s top source of telecom equipment by paying careful attention to quality assurance and our customers’ needs. We will help you get the most out of your new or used Spectrum Controls hardware with:

  • High quality standards: We follow the communications industry’s leading quality standards for everything from product reception to shipping. As one of less than 500 companies to hold TL 9000 certification, we follow extensive specifications for equipment testing, refurbishment and sales.
  • Dedicated technical support: Worldwide Supply maintains a technical team that provides one-on-one support to customers who need help adding new equipment to their infrastructure. Our experts understand our hardware’s compatibility and features, so they can recommend products based on your goals.
  • Asset recovery and maintenance solutions available: To help you manage your equipment, we also provide asset recovery, repair and maintenance services. Our asset recovery solutions include consignment services and inventory auditing for cost optimization. We also have technicians ready to repair, maintain or inspect your equipment.

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