Get Your Used Smart Telecom Equipment From Worldwide Supply

Smart Telecom is a phone card seller that’s grown significantly to include a wide range of products and equipment used in the telecom services sector. Its biggest operations are in Ireland, where it began, although many of its options are now moving beyond those shores. The company has a large hand in LAN and telephony services, backbone development, payphones, broadband, IPTV and some microwave radio links.

Smart has pushed into triple-play services and MPEG-4 head end development, though it has had some stumbles along the way.

For Worldwide Supply’s efforts, we look at Smart Telecom for a variety of accessories and support tools designed to keep your equipment and people safe. It’s a reliable provider and a welcome inclusion to most networks.

Find the Right Refurbished Smart Telecom Options

Worldwide Supply is growing our selection of new and used Smart Telecom equipment, including smart app rack-mounts and security camera systems. These options help you put the final pieces into place during your growth or support for remote sites.

To help you save a little more, we offer a variety of used options from Smart Telecom and many other OEMs. These options are fully reviewed by in-house experts to ensure they meet top quality requirements. We test in our own lab with real-world scenarios, plus back it all with a lifetime warranty to keep your operations running strong.

Save up to 80% with our refurbished options and then save even more with our OEM-neutral repair and maintenance services. Start with a selection below and then contact us to learn all the ways Worldwide Supply helps you save.