Save on Used Siemens AG Equipment

Siemens AG is the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe and has created networking solutions that are the backbone of many operations across the planet. It has a long history of developing new network equipment and standards as well as acquiring a variety of companies to boost its broadband, WLAN, fixed and mobile network business.

We provide a host of solutions from Siemens that now includes some elements from the Nokia Siemens Networks joint venture. Many pieces of equipment will have Siemens branding, even though Nokia bought out Siemens from the joint venture in recent years. With these changes and other technology arms changing hands, we invite you to ask our experts about your needs, and whether warranties and services from the manufacturer are best or if you would benefit from OEM-independent solutions for equipment acquisition, maintenance, parts and spares support.

Leading Refurbished Siemens Options

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of refurbished Siemens equipment that has been brought back up to OEM standards of quality and reliability. We ensure everything is tested and reviewed in real-world scenarios so you can trust the equipment you add to your network. The products we sell and maintain are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Browse the selection below to look for unmanaged as well as Layer 2 and 3 switches, industrial Ethernet support, devices featuring FastConnect for multiple fiber optic and other connectors. You can also find redundant network access services, media modules, network component PLUGs, media converters, security, network diagnostic tools and more.

Click an item below or let us know what you need to find the right, affordable way to grow your network with Worldwide Supply.