If you’re looking for effective signal transmission equipment, few manufacturers can match the reliability and strength of Sencore. Sencore has been delivering broadcast, satellite, cable and Internet television solutions to service providers since 1951. As a result, Worldwide Supply carries cost-effective equipment for businesses that rely on this company for their video delivery needs.

New and refurbished Sencore products from Worldwide Supply could be just what you need to stay on top of your organization’s demands while meeting budget requirements. 

Refurbished Sencore Network Solutions From Worldwide Supply 

Sencore gives service providers and businesses the gift of high-quality video with its variety of ever-evolving solutions, including receiver decoders, media platforms, input and output cards, converters, modulators and more. Multi-format, high-density capabilities make this manufacturer’s solutions suitable for larger applications. They are convenient, energy-efficient and agile.

At Worldwide Supply, we help out the commercial users of this equipment by keeping a diverse group of well-known products in stock. Our selection includes new and used Sencore receiver decoder modules, MicroRangers and modulator hardware.

We know quality and longevity matter when it comes to major Sencore solutions — that’s why we test and certify all our refurbished merchandise. Worldwide Supply OEM technology comes with a standard lifetime warranty so you know the product will deliver crisp video and connectivity for the life of your system. In addition, we have affordable technical support and repair opportunities, along with same-day or next-day delivery options.

Sell Your Sencore Equipment Today

Even if your current Sencore hardware has outlived its use at your facility, it could still benefit other users in the future. Sell your equipment to us today, and we’ll refurbish and repurpose it for other customers. You can choose to accept cash or account credit for the hardware, which will allow you to put any extra funds you have into technology enhancement and growth.

Browse Our Wide Range of Products

Our refurbished Sencore products are designed to support your IPTV and broadcast networks. Look through our selection to find what you’re looking for today or contact us to learn more about the benefits we offer.