Sandvine provides solutions for network intelligence to help network operators stay up to date with changing internet policies. One of their well-known products is the policy traffic switch (PTS). It has functions for policy and charging enforcement as well as traffic detection, for total control of the network. Use this tool for linking conditions to actions, defining and associating policy statements for particular entities and contexts, and more.

For a PTS or other quality components from Sandvine, count on Worldwide Supply. We carry a variety of used Sandvine products that work like new. With competitive prices, we have the perfect solutions for tight budgets.

Advantages of Refurbished Sandvine Equipment From Worldwide Supply

Worldwide Supply has a variety of refurbished Sandvine equipment, including:

  • 350W AC power supply: Supplies power to the components
  • PTS 14000: Allows for control and management across the entire network
  • SRP 3000: Hardware that hosts and provides data storage capabilities for Sandvine software

Sandvine equipment provides valuable solutions for your networking needs. Ordering this essential equipment from Worldwide Supply will bring even more value as we offer cost-effective prices. The benefits you will enjoy from choosing us include:

  • A lifetime warranty: All of our products come with a standard lifetime warranty, so you can feel confident in your purchase.
  • A variety of inventory: We have a wide range of equipment on hand from Sandvine and other reputable manufacturers. We are likely to have everything you need.
  • Tech support: Worldwide Supply has 24/7 remote technical support available to help you with any technical difficulties.
  • Quick delivery: You can choose next business day shipping to get your order right away.
  • Consultation services: We have certified engineers on staff who are ready to help you with configuration support and system design.

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