Rohde & Schwarz

Buy and Sell Used Rohde & Schwarz Equipment From Worldwide Supply

Rohde & Schwarz is one of the few manufacturers in our space that can claim more than 80 years of experience building communication and information products specifically for professional use and service delivery. It grew from early radios and RF technologies to new types of data broadcasting, service support, networking development, IT and even a new breed of cellular IoT tools.

One of the most popular Rohde & Schwarz product families is its CMD testing units for infrastructure, wireless devices, mobile networks and more. Build a strong backbone and keep it that way with reliable testers and system analysis tools designed to look for flaws, weaknesses and opportunities. Maximize your investment by protecting your equipment and keeping your downtime to a minimum.

Starting With Reliability and Trust

Worldwide Supply carries new and used Rohde & Schwarz CMD60-R communication analyzers. It’s a smarter option for testing physical layers, circuits and many new technologies that live on your network right now. Data networks must ensure the reliability of their transmission, and we see this as one of the stronger tools available to do just that.

We’re also in a perfect position to give you enhanced savings by buying and selling used Rohde & Schwarz equipment, passing the savings on to you. There’s no sacrifice of quality or availability, thanks to our experts who restore every used item to like-new status that meets OEM standards.

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