Get Your Used Redback Networks Equipment From Us

Worldwide Supply offers a robust set of used and refurbished Redback Networks equipment that is still powering multi-service edge solutions with top-tier routing and more. The company’s core offerings empower you to better deliver broadband, telephone, TV and mobile offerings over your network.

Redback was launched in 1996 and spent about a decade growing its business, supplying networks with proper equipment in North America, EMEA and the Asia-Pacific region. The company was perhaps best known for its SmartEdge service gateway technology. This product family supported leading edge routing, subscriber management and Ethernet aggregation as well as a variety of offerings that supported networks seeing traffic from SMS, dial-up, broadband and anything in between.

The company was purchased by Ericsson in 2006 and folded into the brand’s end-to-end offering for large networks and emerging broadband service providers. You’ll still find plenty of used Redback gear in the field. Worldwide Supply wants to be your partner for keeping that equipment running with the right parts, repair services and replacements as you need them.

Ericsson Reliability Under the Redback Name

Worldwide Supply’s equipment experts can help you find the right Redback solution to meet your network needs, regardless of your location or deployment. We know that Redback’s used SmartEdge Ethernet solutions are still in demand, so we offer plenty of refurbished Redback options to keep your network up and running with a top-quality replacement.

Or, if you need new power and support but want the same reliability, we can also help you secure the latest in the SmartEdge design, which was entirely integrated into Ericsson’s IP product line back in 2010 but has regularly put out new equipment since. Just browse our selection below or contact us directly for the best deals on refurbished Redback Solutions equipment.