New and Refurbished Racal-Vadic Modems

Racal Electronics, the legendary electronics firm behind Vodafone, marketed their modems under the Racal-Vadic name. In the early 1980s, Racal-Vadic became well-known for its high-speed modems that performed well in demanding applications. They offered some of the industry’s first 2400 baud modems that revolutionized early internet connectivity. In 2000, Racal became part of Thomson-CSF. 

At Worldwide Supply, we sell unused older-model and refurbished Racal-Vadic modems for older network infrastructure and repurposing. Our technical support experts can help you find the modems you need to enhance your platform.

Save Up to 80% on Original Pricing for Top-Quality Equipment

When you buy older or refurbished equipment, you can save significantly on infrastructure costs. We carefully inspect and refurbish each of our products as needed to meet our high standards. Our operations maintain TL9000 standards, a process control held by fewer than 500 companies. By applying these controls to our products, we ensure that customers like you get uncompromising results.

Advantages of Buying Legacy Equipment From Worldwide Supply

Count on Worldwide Supply for a value-added hardware shopping experience. To help you get the most out of your equipment purchase, we offer these solutions:

  • Standard lifetime warranty on OEM parts and equipment
  • Delivery options for the next business day
  • Repair and maintenance services
  • 24/7 remote technical support
  • Hundreds of parts available for your equipment
  • Comprehensive testing and refurbishing for used products

Trade In Your Used Racal-Vadic Modem

If you have an extra Racal-Vadic modem in your inventory, you can earn money or store credit through our asset recovery services. This offering allows you to trade or exchange your current equipment for our products to maximize your cost savings. We also buy with cash in situations where you need to invest in other aspects of your business. Allow us to simplify the trade-in process with solutions like storage, transportation and asset assessments.

Get More Details on Pricing and Specs

Our sales team will support you as you shop for the networking equipment your business needs. For pricing information and specifications, submit a quote on Racal-Vadic hardware, get in touch with us online or call us at 888-328-2266.