Buy New and Refurbished Pulsecom Equipment

Now part of Enginuity Communications Inc., Pulse Communications Inc. (Pulsecom) manufactured Ethernet and SONET access platforms for small and mid-sized applications. They developed transmission and connectivity products that allowed for a seamless transition between TDM and Ethernet systems. In 2016, they transferred their assets to Enginuity, where you can find their technology implemented into a variety of networking solutions.

Solutions for Integrating TDM and Ethernet Technology

Pulsecom equipment allows small-to-medium providers to handle time division multiplexing (TDM) and Ethernet connections within the same platform. Traditional technology requires separate platforms for TDM and Ethernet, leading to double the costs for mounting, powering, training, fiber and demarcation. With a Pulsecom solution, the user can implement both TDM and Ethernet or begin TDM service with the potential for migration. The innovative design of Pulsecom technology delivers advantages such as:

  • Better cost efficiency through leveraging existing infrastructure.
  • Streamlined designs that optimize network architectures and speed up installation.
  • Flexibility for TDM-centric providers and providers looking to upgrade to Ethernet.

When to Buy Older Model or Used Pulsecom Products

Since Pulsecom no longer manufactures equipment as its own company, you can save money on its older model and used hardware. The newest Pulsecom products were built in 2016, so their features still work for plenty of TDM and Ethernet applications. Consider getting Pulsecom hardware when you:

  • Need to add Ethernet capabilities to a TDM platform affordably: If you have a legacy TDM platform, you may be able to expand your system’s connectivity with Pulsecom equipment. Pulsecom products make an ideal choice for providers with older networks who need to save costs on an upgrade.
  • Don’t require the latest features for your network: Many networks don’t require late-model equipment to function. If you can provide the same services with Pulsecom equipment, you can save the extra money you would spend on a newer product’s unnecessary features.
  • Have the support needed to implement Pulsecom hardware effectively: A supplier with extensive technical knowledge can assess your platform and goals and help you find the right technology. At Worldwide Supply, we can help you understand if Pulsecom equipment will work with your existing infrastructure.

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