New and Refurbished Positron Equipment

Founded in 1970, Positron Inc. has two subsidiaries that offer infrastructure equipment for the telecom industry — Positron Access Solutions and Positron Power. Positron serves the majority of North America’s tier 1 carriers, 200 additional carriers and 150 power companies.

At Worldwide Supply, we sell new and used equipment from Positron’s infrastructure subsidiaries. Our expertly refurbished products and experienced technical team can help you get the most out of your hardware investment.

Hardware From Positron Access Solutions and Positron Power

Our Positron inventory includes products from Positron Access Solutions and Positron Power, two Positron subsidiaries with distinct focuses:

  • Positron Access Solutions: As the primary telecommunications equipment provider under Positron, Positron Access Solutions offers hardware for applications such as metro Ethernet networks, core transport networks and mobile backhaul. Their carrier-grade solutions increase bandwidth and its delivery range within core access networks and end-user infrastructure. The Positron Access Solutions portfolio features a broad range of optical and copper equipment that helps legacy networks upgrade to the next generation of Ethernet.
  • Positron Power: Solutions from Positron Power protect communications equipment, facilities and personnel from high-voltage currents. These products prevent power outages, aid preventive maintenance and promote safe working conditions. 

Advantages of Positron Equipment

Hardware from Positron’s telecom infrastructure suppliers delivers benefits such as:

  • Options for multiple infrastructure types: Positron offers equipment to support many kinds of communications platforms. Their high-voltage isolation solutions include options for fiber optic and wireline systems. Hardware from Positron Access Solutions can complement newer or older networking infrastructure, depending on product specs.
  • Legacy support: Providers who own legacy Positron equipment can easily find manuals and other documentation online from the company. Positron Power and Access Solutions also offer learning resources such as application and training documents.
  • Network scaling capabilities: Many Positron Access Solution products enhance existing copper lines to help the customer save on expenses. This hardware can double end-user service areas and improve system stability.

Get New and Used Positron Hardware From Worldwide Supply

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