Expand Your CPE With Used Pico Equipment

Worldwide Supply has a broad range of customer premises equipment, and one of our crucial CPE brands is Pico Digital. Pico was an expert in the CPE space specifically for cable, radio and satellite providers. It was purchased just last year by ATX to flesh out that company’s commercial video capabilities. It’s now branded as Pico Digital, an ATX Company.

Today, used Pico equipment is still a viable way to manage your CPE needs and maintain control in almost any environment.

Grow With New and Refurbished Pico Gear

Pico offers some of the leading tools for cable and satellite video capabilities. This includes its Condor headend broadcast system and set-top box platform as well as specific items like the PD1600 headend in a box. There’s also plenty of termination systems, IP encoders, HDMI solutions and much more.

Push into pure digital with Pico. Now, you can save as you make that transition by working with Worldwide Supply for used Pico technologies. We offer a variety of new and refurbished Pico models to give you access to leading equipment at savings of up to 80% off original OEM pricing.

Everything we sell has been thoroughly reviewed and tested in real-world settings, thanks to our advanced in-house lab. Our experts give you like-new Pico gear at a significant cost reduction to help you expand how you need to, in almost any market. Find the right solution in fully-contained units that can be customized to suit your market size or specific customers.

Start finding your path to growth with the refurbished Pico equipment selection below.