Buy New and Used PairGain Networking Equipment

PairGain Technologies develops a wide range of telecommunications and networking equipment with a focus on digital subscriber line systems. It was well-known for working with private networks and carriers on the delivery of high-speed digital services.

In June 2000, ADC Telecommunications acquired PairGain. The company continued to operate under its own name and branding as it made more networking equipment. The company went through some significant funding and legal concerns under a partnership with the brokerage S. Jay Goldinger that took place in the mid-1990s, and investigators uncovered them in the early 2000s.

Products continued under a variety of names as ADC was eventually purchased by Tyco Electronics, sold to CommScope and spun out within CommScope’s units.

Refurbished PairGain Solutions

Throughout that long history, PairGain equipment maintained its high-quality standards. This allows many networks to currently run used PairGain solutions and enables us to offer you refurbished PairGain equipment. Many options have passed their EOS and EOL dates, but our experts keep them up and running thanks to a certified in-house lab.

Our technicians can help diagnose your current used PairGain issues or work with you to find the right option to boost your network. PairGain promises quality at an affordable price. Browse the selection below to look for equipment supporting T1/E1, plain old telephone service, LAN, WAN, video conferencing and other Internet access solutions.

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