Used and Refurbished PacketFront (Waystream) Hardware

Now known as Waystream, PacketFront first revolutionized true broadband networks in Sweden in 2001. Throughout their time as PacketFront, they developed access switches and customer premises equipment that providers still use in their new era as Waystream. Our inventory of PacketFront legacy equipment includes the legendary ASR4000 access switches.

Innovation in Broadband

Today’s providers still count on PacketFront’s early series of equipment because of timeless features such as:

  • Innovative forwarding algorithms that allow for better service flexibility.
  • Fanless access switches for fiber and copper networks for low-ventilation, high-dust areas.
  • The first secure end-user DHCP Remote ID and Circuit ID options with a routed, three-layer topology and IPv4 address usage.

Advantages of PacketFront and Waystream Equipment

For nearly two decades, PacketFront/Waystream has developed hardware with a focus on FTTX providers’ needs. They design their products with these benefits in mind:

  • FTTH-specific design: PacketFront hardware seamlessly integrates into new and existing FTTX installations. Its FTTX-centric features help providers streamline setup and achieve their network objectives.
  • Easy operation: Products from PacketFront and Waystream feature built-in troubleshooting tools that make network automation and configuration simple. These features minimize downtime to maximize your return on investment.
  • Better end-user satisfaction: FTTX networks have unique security, traffic and capacity needs that PacketFront hardware meets through its specialized design. PacketFront products use features like tunneling to improve the end-user experience.
  • Dependability: PacketFront technology stands the test of time in scalable network applications. They have an established reputation in broadband networking that makes them a trusted name as Waystream.

Sell or Trade In Your Old PacketFront Products

If you have extra PacketFront hardware, we can help you get more out of your assets with smart asset recovery solutions. We offer store credit and cash for equipment that meets our standards. For anything that we can’t take for our inventory, we can help you find a green solution to dispose of it. Learn more about our asset recovery solutions.

Find Out More About Our PacketFront Hardware

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