New and Used Overture Networks Equipment

A leading selection of metro-focused network solutions backed by a lifetime warranty

Overture Networks was a top manufacturer of networking and telecom equipment founded in 2000. It quickly expanded to focus on helping service providers switch to all-packet networks. Overture acquired a variety of smaller brands to grow to support mobile backhaul and optical Ethernet specifically for carrier-grade solutions. By merging with Hatteras Networks, it jumped into the leadership of EoC solutions and started building its metro and carrier Ethernet solutions as well as wireless backhauls.

In 2016, the company was acquired by ADVA Optical Networking and has since had its products rolled into the ADVA product families. However, many solutions still support existing Overture products for Ethernet over bonded copper, TDM, SONET, SDH and PDH capabilities.

Today, the Overture branding is still common for many Ethernet-over options as well as software-defined services and optical internet tools.

Grow With Worldwide Supply and Overture Networks

Worldwide Supply is proud to offer a variety of Ethernet solutions from Overture Networks, with maintenance and warranty coverage for legacy devices, plus those that ADVA produces. We can deliver quality service and support as your network looks to grow based on today’s needs.

We offer a line of new and used Overture equipment with all refurbished options being thoroughly tested, certified and backed by a lifetime warranty. Save up to 80% off original OEM pricing with our refurbished Overture solutions, while still having a platform that can support the latest technologies and meet growing customer demands.

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