Refurbished Optelian Options Right for Your Network

Optelian Access Networks is an intuitive packet optical networking company that focuses on optical transport network components, with a current customer base of more than 200 service providers, mainly in North America. The company recently made acquisitions to boost its ultra-high-bandwidth services, including optical modulators.

Optelian is best known for its FLEX architecture that ensures optical products are highly scalable and efficient, with a modular design that can be adjusted to meet a wide range of needs and applications. Core areas include long-haul, passive to packet and 100M to 100G applications on full mesh and multilayer networks.

Optelian’s Light MUX passive components include solutions to address terminal, add and drop requirements for DWDM and CWDM wavelength deployments. All elements using its FLEX system are designed to be interoperable and can be used to build out your entire network.

Save on Used Optelian Equipment

Worldwide Supply offers a broad range of new and used Optelian networking equipment to help you streamline management, address packet service networking and aggregation requirements, support multi-protocol networking and more. Our options for refurbished Optelian gear have all been repaired and reviewed to ensure they meet original OEM standards, but give you savings of up to 80%.

We empower our customers to adopt leading technological solutions from Optelian using the finest in used and refurbished Optelian equipment, supporting the latest drivers and platforms as the company grows. Its telco-grade capabilities at small-network pricing ensure¬†you’re able to afford the equipment and bandwidth you need to scale and meet customer demands.

Meet your needs with new or refurbished Optelian equipment below: