Find the Right Omnitron Solution

Omnitron Systems Technology is a carrier-grade provider of media converters, Ethernet demarcation, coarse wave division multiplexers and other fiber optic products. The company focuses on network interface devices and management systems as well as power-over-Ethernet and a variety of accessory applications needed to bolster a LAN or WAN network.

The brand also provides significant support or service provider and MSO fiber networks as well as wireless, mobile and small cell backhaul networks. It has recently developed a new passive optical product series called the OmniLight, including CWDM/DWDM optical modules that provide a high-density solution for distributing wavelength services. Its iConverter CWDM multiplexers manage copper to fiber media and fiber transponders with up to 38 CWDM modules supported per chassis.

It is a leading provider of solutions to companies across dozens of countries as well as a variety of government and military deployments.

Reduce Your Network Budget With Used Omnitron Equipment

Worldwide Supply offers a selection of refurbished Omnitron networking tools for the budget-conscious buyer. We work with companies and networks just like yours to acquire used OEM equipment that is then fully repaired and refurbished. You get the benefit of leading technologies at up to 80% off traditional OEM pricing. Plus, with refurbished Omnitron equipment, you get the same reliability and capability that the brand promises.

Our engineers bring everything back up to industry and OEM standards, testing equipment in our own facility under real-world stresses. Whether you’re considering Omnitron for managed LAN and WAN deployments, support for next-gen fiber, TDM services or choosing a new multiplexer to add data channels on your existing infrastructure without running new lines, we have options right for you in the selection below.