New and Refurbished NorthStar Power Solutions

A battery is the life of any remote or mission-critical site. Energy backup solutions must be reliable and affordable to facilitate growth and network improvements. That’s where companies like NorthStar come into your operations.

NorthStar offers a variety of battery solutions designed for different deployments, including green initiatives, batteries with large storage lives, harsh condition support, booster power and reduced failure risks. The company creates absorbed glass mat batteries with different capabilities and lifecycles, including cabinets for indoor and outdoor environments.

Established in 2000, NorthStar has since delivered products to networks in more than 150 countries. One of its core missions is a sustainable focus that extends to its partners and suppliers, allowing you to make a NorthStar inclusion part of your overall corporate governance and green marketing operations.

Buy or Sell Used NorthStar Telecom Batteries

NorthStar offers a line of batteries designed for telecom and network applications, including your outdoor and remote locations. You can choose from models that are hardened within their cabinets, ones that can be recharged from a 50% state to full in as little as three hours, models with 12-plus years of use and fast-charge solutions that minimize installation and leakage risks.

Worldwide Supply works with NorthStar and similar suppliers to find new and used options to give you significant savings. Choosing a used NorthStar option can save you up to 80% off original OEM prices, but the products still come with a relevant lifetime warranty. If you’ve got a new NorthStar battery that you can’t use, Worldwide Supply will also work with you on trading it in for the right equipment to help you grow.