Northern Telecom

New and Used Northern Telecom Network Equipment

Northern Telecom is a global telecommunications and data networking equipment provider based in Canada. You might know it better by its latest name, Nortel Networks Corporation. Nortel was a leading equipment provider for over a century, and at its height, it employed nearly 95,000 people across the globe.

Nortel was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2009, with what was the largest bankruptcy in Canada’s history at the time. The company sold off its business units and ceased most operations, with the bankruptcy extending into recent years. It has sold billions in equipment and IP but is still finalizing some of its agreements with creditors.

Is Refurbished Nortel Right for You?

So, what does the Nortel name mean for your business today?

Worldwide Supply is working diligently to secure a variety of used Nortel equipment for all kinds of networks and deployments. The company was a leader in many network-related sectors, so its equipment can still provide years of life and service in improving networks like yours.

Due to its bankruptcy, we must deal almost exclusively with used Nortel equipment, which presents you with a significant savings opportunity. As our technicians receive and repair this equipment, turning it into refurbished Nortel gear that meets original sales standards, we’re able to find the right parts and equipment that our customers need.

For you, this means savings of up to 80% off original OEM pricing while still getting quality equipment that Worldwide Supply backs with a lifetime warranty. While Nortel itself might be going away, there’s plenty of opportunity for its equipment to help you grow. Start that journey below.