Newton Instrument

Newton Instrument Company is a proud supporter of commercial technology and communications systems. Network operators can more easily manage and secure their equipment while improving efficiency with Newton Instrument’s variety of rack adapters, equipment racks, cabinets and more.

Worldwide Supply offers new and refurbished Newton Instrument equipment for your convenience and financial benefit. With our OEM equipment, you can maximize space, increase productivity and save money on network maintenance expenses. If you’re ready to invest in a network boost, we’ll work with you to find the ideal product. 

Strengthen Your Network With Newton Instrument Equipment

Newton Instrument has been manufacturing metal solutions since 1949, and its team has been serving the telecommunications industry for almost as long. The company offers networking and cable management products that are suited for a broad range of specifications.

At Worldwide Supply, we work hard to restore high-grade equipment from Newton Instrument product lines. Our inventory includes multiple floor mounting kits, equipment racks, hardware cable brackets, cable tie bar kits, ground bars and more. This equipment provides greater flexibility and strength, so you can maintain system integrity during challenging applications. 

Refurbished Newton Instrument equipment is durable and easy to use for all your networking needs. We have many different products designed to fit a range of specifications and requirements. If you have a job to do, we have a product that will maintain and secure all your equipment. Our product options come with a lifetime warranty and continued system support. 

Sell Used Newton Instrument Hardware

Old equipment at your facility can take up space and make it more challenging to implement meaningful upgrades. Worldwide Supply provides a quick and easy way to remove used Newton Instrument products by offering cash for older models. Network operators who are interested in selling old hardware can send us a list of their used products online, and we’ll respond with a cash estimate and timely removal plan.

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