NETGEAR Solutions for Business

Many field techs are first introduced to NETGEAR as their router for home use. However, the company offers a wide range of products designed for carriers and enterprise clients, boosting networks just like yours. Its product lines support Gigabit 4G LTE, upgrading and optimizing legacy networks, mobile routers and hotspots for customers and the tools you need to offer your own suite of smart home solutions for your customers.

NETGEAR also provides server virtualization support that can help you and your customers cut costs while optimizing resource usage. Manage your hardware and buy only where you need while running a more demanding network through a broad deployment of NETGEAR options for virtualization, backup, hybrid cloud and backups for recovery and more.

Save With Used NETGEAR Equipment

Worldwide Supply brings the reliability and power of NETGEAR equipment to your network at an affordable cost thanks to our comprehensive selection of new and refurbished NETGEAR options.

We buy and sell used equipment from leading OEMs such as NETGEAR to ensure a reliable source of quality equipment at an affordable rate. Our in-house team repairs and restores all the equipment we buy, allowing us to offer it to you at significant savings. Choosing a refurbished NETGEAR solution from us can save you as much as 80% off original OEM pricing.

All of the equipment you buy from Worldwide Supply is backed by a lifetime warranty and complete customer service support. You can extend this to management and maintenance services for your entire network by asking about our NetGuard solution as well.

Choose from our selection of used NETGEAR equipment below to create a lasting investment in your network at a cost that leaves plenty left over for further spending and growth.