Reliable Growth With Refurbished MRV Communications Equipment

Worldwide Supply provides a variety of tools and equipment from MRV Communications, a network solutions and services provider that works predominantly in optical infrastructure for telcos, municipalities, MSOs, cloud computing providers and consumer high-speed G-Internet service providers. It has a variety of milestones under its belt, including the deployment of Ethernet demarcation in the first 4G LTE commercial Mobile Backhaul network.

ADVA Optical Networking acquired MRV in late 2017, but products listed below on this page will include those with the MRV branding. We offer a variety of used and refurbished MRV solutions as well as support for your existing network.

Why Work With Worldwide Supply?

MRV has industry-leading equipment that is still found in today’s top networks across the globe. The company was a top player in WDM solutions, especially in metro deployments, and you can improve your existing network with a selection of the architecture and infrastructure it provides.

We aim to make that simpler and more affordable. Worldwide Supply buys used MRV and other OEM equipment and then refurbishes it in-house with a full lab and development team. Our engineers then test each piece of equipment in real-world settings to ensure quality and provide a lifetime warranty to back our refurbished MRV equipment supply.

What that means for you is reliable, tested equipment that meets original OEM standards but comes at up to 80% off original OEM pricing. You can expand your capabilities affordably and have revenue left over to invest in other areas as you need to. Browse our selection below to find what you need and start saving.