Monroe Electronics

Build Smart with Refurbished Monroe Electronics Equipment

Monroe Electronics began its life as a custom engineering and manufacturing service provider that focused on specialty tools and instrumentation. It slowly grew its expertise in the field of equipment and network management, measurement and testing, including a comprehensive set of tools now used in the field. The company currently offers a variety of electrostatic measuring instruments that it sells through some representatives as well as many distributors like Worldwide Supply.

For the networking world, some of its most popular systems include an EAS that’s common in the CATV market, coming off a robust run of an unattended headend control built initially for HBO. Custom tools and development are still available, though it currently builds out a variety of products that fit industry standards.

Save on Used Monroe Electronics Equipment

Worldwide Supply stocks a wide selection of used and refurbished Monroe Electronics goods included encoder and decoder support to allow operators to perform actions at peripheral hubs from your central site during specific activities, such as EAS alerts. AV comb filter generators with trunk switches, such as the R180 that you’ll find below, are approved for smaller cable systems as well as most digital systems.

To assist small networks in accessing these devices and improving network services, we offer refurbished units that can come with savings of up to 80 percent off traditional OEM pricing. Our master technicians review, repair and test every piece of equipment we sell to make sure it is premium-quality and backed with a lifetime warranty to ensure reliability.

Browse our selection below and then reach out to learn more about how you save with Worldwide Supply.